A soft route tamper diary was recorded
China block the access to some aboard websites using The Great Firewall

🤔 new bing and chatGPT shunt

  1. What is the problem and background?
Microsoft conducts business in China, so the default diversion rule is to connect bing.com directly instead of the agent, which will be redirected to cn.bing.com. In theory, add a shunt rule
Step 2 Get in the way
windows clash above to subscribe to the converted Microsoft rules to Taiwan node. However, on the soft route, I used the same steps to modify the node of Microsoft services and it did not take effect after...
  1. Accidents, turns
While comparing clash for windows and openclash, I found that clash records the page where the connection was made. clash on local and soft routes is inconsistent. The local clash displays all domain names while the clash on soft routes displays all ip (and the routing rules are all missing)

📝 Resolve the pothole process

Apparently, the openclash link list is full of ip addresses and matches are all missing from the net. I searched the Internet for relevant information, and as expected, it was a dns problem. Because I disabled openclash's built-in dns service. Therefore, when accessing other domain names, clash will look for the local default dns server, namely smartdns I configured before, to find the target ip address, and clash will get the ip address after smartdns processing on behalf of SmartDNS.
This created a problem, clash couldn't get the domain name, and the connection list was full of ip addresses that didn't match any rules. This also shows that although I was able to go to google and youtube before, all the matching rules are missing the net. This may explain why my soft routing proxy is always very unstable.
Record a reverse engineering, intercept and tamper with the back-end response, and successfully schedule the physical examinationChatGPT transformed Web interaction