The current web application development model

The current model of Web application development is gradually being replaced by a model of front end separation. With the rapid development of front-end technology, more and more business logic is transferred to the front end, and the responsibilities of the back end are more focused on providing API interfaces and processing data. The emergence of this pattern makes front-end development more complex, but also provides better flexibility and maintainability.

Feasibility of chatGPT as middleware

chatgpt will then replace the front end and make interface requests according to the interface specification documentation provided by the back end, which has several advantages:
  • Simplified front-end development: the front-end only needs to do static page rendering (such as tables/images), and even chatgpt can replace the front-end to render some basic pages (such as basic latex formulas, markdown syntax)
  • It is possible to interact directly with the database in natural language After chatgpt tracks a project, the user's simple requirements can be completed directly with natural language input, such as basic CRUD business. And chatgpt only replaces the front end to request the background interface, the specific business logic as long as the back end is well verified should not have any big problems
  • For process tasks, process documents are required to be entered into chatgpt.
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